M. Omar Nawaz, Ph. D.

Postdoctoral Research Associate

George Washington University
Milken Institute School of Public Health

Hi! I'm Omar! —

I am an air quality scientist working at the intersection of public health, remote-sensing observation, inverse modeling, and chemical-transport simulation.

I am curious about the anthropogenic and natural origins of air pollution, the role of atmospheric chemistry and advection, how air pollution impacts people, and the disparities of these impacts.

Outside of the research projects I have been involved in and the scientific papers I have published, I am interested in sharing the data I generate and in documenting and recording the different methods and techniques I use in tutorials!

Featured figures —

Below is a one-year simulation of surface-level PM2.5 concentrations simulated in a new nested South America domain (in prep) for the chemical transport model GEOS-Chem classic.

Accompanying this forward model simulation is an adjoint calculation of sensitivities of PM2.5 in the city of Santiago, Chile to emissions of its chemical precursors. In the below figure we calculate sensitivities to ammonia.